NSC = Narco Satanic Communist

AMLO and his sect have been accused of three things:

"You have to wish those who act evil luck, sooner or later they will need it." I'm Carmine

NSC = Narco Satanic Communist

1. Narcos

2. of Communists and

3. of Satanic

It's true? The curious thing is that AMLO not only does not deny it, but he gloats when he is told that he is a partner of criminals or their protector. He attacks journalists, women, academics, scientists, doctors, the middle classes, but he never attacks criminals, but on the contrary, he offers them "hugs" and even gets out of his truck to greet their mother. of the main drug trafficker, while he closes the window of his truck to other old ladies...

Is he a communist? I think there is no doubt after the praise he makes of Cuba and the invitations he made to the dictator of that country, Díaz-Canel, no less than to the Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution... in addition to giving him oil and other goods, in so much leaves Mexicans without medicines. It is also known his friendship with Maduro, the communist dictator of Venezuela, and that all of them are part of the Sao Paolo Communist Forum... but AMLO also infiltrated several communists into his cabinet, the Bank of Mexico, the Treasury of the Federation, to the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), where they made the textbooks with communist-satanic content... There is proof, evidence, data for all this... but everything slips away from AMLO because he became a cynic, a shameless, a scoundrel...

Is it because he has a pact with the devil? The host Pedro Ferriz de Con denounced in his news program that AMLO offered human lives in exchange for obtaining power and perhaps that explains his indolence in the management of Covid, turning Mexico into the country with the greatest lethality, or his laughter at the massacres, or not notifying the people of Acapulco in time of the threat of Hurricane Otis... or leaving Mexicans without medicine, such as children with cancer, or destroying the health system... When he received that complaint from Ferriz de Con, AMLO did not deny it, but only said "let's move forward"... Ferriz de Con says that he could not deny it because it would oppose the power of the evil one... but that his black karma was already reaching him.. . be?

We said that there is a lot of proof and evidence of all this that we put together in these three editions... At the time they generated many reactions, especially that of AMLO-communist, while there was a stony silence before that of AMLO-satanic (not a single reaction from those in power or their spokespersons). Finally, that of AMLO-narco finally resulted in the investigations published by international media in 2024 about the alleged narco financing that AMLO received in his 2006 presidential campaign and presumably also in that of 2018 and which led to the hashtag #AMLONarcoPresidente... .

Considering that they are historical documents that reveal that AMLO may be a Narco-Satanic-Communist (NSC), we decided to make these three editions accessible to the current public and for posterity: